Private Security


Alarm Response

Convenient and cost-effective.  Add alarm response to your security services and we’ll take care of those 2 a.m. calls to the property for you.  Plus, alarm response is much more cost effective than false alarm fines.

Rest assured that if action at your property requires police involvement, Code 3 officers will dispatch immediately with a verified alarm – making police response time that much quicker.

Marked Patrol Vehicles

Code 3 patrol vehicles are clearly marked with our logo and the words “Private Security and Alarm Response.”  Vehicles that stand out day or night keep mischievous behavior at bay.  Code 3 also maintains a black patrol vehicle with floodlights in its’ fleet – perfect for businesses wanting a more aggressive look.

Standing Officers

Code 3 Officers are trained by police and military training managers.  This means that you will have the most highly qualified Officers in the security industry protecting your property or private event.

Code 3 provides standing officers for private events, one-time services, nightly watches, daily guards and much more.

Armed & Unarmed Positions

Whether your needs call for armed or unarmed security protection, Code 3 can provide the right officer for your property or event.

Armed officers receive extensive weapons handling and training by a Police Range Master making them exceptionally qualified to carry a weapon on the job.

Our Services Are Available To:

Commercial and Industrial Properties


School Districts


Alarm Companies

Special Events

Property Management Companies

Apartment Complexes

Home Owners Associations


Retail/Shopping Centers

Auto Dealerships

All services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to insure complete and total protection for you and your property. Code 3 Corporation carries a three million dollar general liability insurance policy and all security officers are registered with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, P.P.O. 17143.